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For Agents

Boost the buying power of your clients


Whether your clients need to Buy-Before-You-Sell or make all cash offers, we can help. 

Not your average lender

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Why we're different


Higher Commission

We don't nickel and dime you with percentage fees like our competitors. So you're walking away with a higher commission than most other similar programs.

Stronger cash offers

We approve your client upfront, so you can make a cash offer that’s 4X more likely to win. Also, you don’t have to worry about financing or appraisal contingencies!

Happy clients

Buy-Before-You-Sell, "Trade-Up", lets your clients find and move into their new home then sell their old one. Forget contingencies; focus on helping your clients move forward. 



Differentiate yourself at no cost to your client. Our Buy with Cash program is free for your client, and we're able to offer competitive rates with no hidden fees and zero costs.


Here's how Cash-Offers work

Step 1. Apply Online

Your client completes our online application and gets approved for cash within 72 hours.

Step 2. Make a Cash Offer

Step 3. Relax, While We Work

Step 4. Earn Your Commission

Step 5. Celebrate!


Frequently Asked Questions

What do your programs cost?

What if my buyer has an existing home to sell?

What happens if my client's mortgage isn't ready in time?

How does UpEquity make money in this transaction?

Do we have to use your title company?

What are your credit requirements?

How long will it take between the cash offer closing and when my buyer closes?