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Trade Up into your New Home

Unlock your equity, pay down your mortgage, and sell your old house for the best possible price.

Buy Before You Sell

Move into your new home and get full market value for your old home.


A guaranteed offer

UpEquity makes an offer to buy your Old Home. 


Shop contingency-free

You can now make a stronger offer on your New Home.


Move on your timeline

Move into your New Home + avoid the stress of moving twice.


Sell on your own terms

Take the time (up to 180 days) to find the right buyer.

A Custom Solution

Buying and selling at the same time is complicated, but we're here to help. Our solution was designed to help everyday homeowners overcome these challenges. By offering two products, Trade Up and Equity Advance, we're able to tailor our Buy Before You Sell solution to fit your unique situation. 

Trade Up gives you a guaranteed offer on your current home, allowing you to shop contingency free and make a stronger offer on your new home. Equity Advance unlocks the equity stuck in your old home to make a new down payment and helps you avoid carrying the cost of two mortgages.

You remain in control and we work directly with the Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Broker of your choice. 

Sell For More, With Less Stress

  • Staged houses sell for more
  • Always be ready for a showing
  • Take the time to find the right buyer
  • Avoid moving twice

Trade Up + Equity Advance

Use the Trade Up product by itself or combine with Equity Advance.

Qualify for a new mortgage with a guaranteed offer on your Old Home.

Trade Up

Unlock equity in the Old Home to make a new down payment.

Avoid carrying the cost of two mortgages at the same time.

+ Equity Advance



Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of properties qualify?

Is an inspection required?

Will my agent get their full commission?

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