About UpEquity


Why choose us?

Mortgages add uncertainty to the home buying process, UpEquity removes it. UpEquity combines the certainty of cash with the financial flexibility of a mortgage. We use the latest fintech tools to automate the data collection process and partner with leading wholesalers to get you the most competitive rates.


Which states are we active in?

UpEquity is currently available in Texas, Florida and Colorado. Want us to come to your state? Email us at info@upequity.com to tell us where to go next.


How much does this cost?

For qualified buyers, UpEquity will back your offer with our cash for free. Like traditional mortgage companies, we make money through the interest rate we charge you. By using technology, we can add the certainty to your mortgage while offering very competitive rates. In many markets, a cash offer receives more than a 2% discount to a financed offer. Talk to your real estate agent to find out about your local market.