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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you guaranteeing that I will get full market value?

How are the 2 installments broken up?

Is a second installment guaranteed?

Who does the client’s mortgage on New Home?

Does Client have keep paying their old mortgage?

How does the inspection process work?

What happens if the Old Home sells for more?

How quickly do we need to sell the Old Home?

How long is the Trade Up Service Agreement valid?

What happens if I back out of the transaction?

How is the Convenience Fee collected?

Does the Client have to pay for an appraisal?

What is the estimated resale holdback?

How are you different from other Buy Before You Sell companies?

What happens if my old home doesn’t sell?

What percentage of the listing price is installment one?

Does UpEquity take title ownership of the home?

Can the cost basis change?

What is the cost basis?

When are the two installments paid?

Who controls the list price?

When will UpEquity purchase the Old Home?

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